System/36 Flat File Migration

Infinite's expertise in database technology and the ability to integrate and interface with many industry standard data structures helped us to understand how important an open data strategy is. Infinite's data base team has developed OLAP tools and our own data warehouse technology. These experiences and the understanding of how Oracle and MS SQL work, made us realize how critical it was to develop a series of tools and services that could effectively migrate the System/36 flat file data structure to real-time database architecture.

Infinite's strategy of providing the easiest, fastest, least cost and lowest risk path to open systems provided the underlying mission for the project to build a version of the Infinite 36 family of products that would integrate a database migration ability that was unparalleled in the industry. Infinite project managers and database toolsets will test and analyze System/36 flat file applications to develop the proper F&I specifications to externally define the files necessary to create real time data within Oracle or MS SQL. Once externally defined, these files will begin writing to a Relational Database format. The applications will have the ability to instantly retrieve database records.

By taking a non real-time, nondatabase System/36 application and providing those applications with both realtime and database technology, the foundation for a 21st century system will have been provided.

Once the specifications are done and the system is writing correctly to the appropriate database, the data will be migrated using Infinite toolsets in tandem with the Infinite project team.

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