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"Today, we are fortunate in that we can provide assistance to charitable groups throughout the communities we serve..."

Today, Infinite Corporation enjoys over 100,000 installations in 56 countries and operates from offices on 4 continents. We have become the global leader in IBM midrange migration and modernization technology. The company, however, began with a handful of programmers in a small office in Southern California in 1975. From the efforts of those first employees and a really great contract from our first customer, Honeywell, Infinite has grown and prospered. Today, we are fortunate in that we can provide assistance to charitable groups throughout the communities we serve. The organization we have chosen to support in 2013 is an organization based in San Diego, California, USA named Mama's Kitchen.

Mama's Kitchen History

In 1990 volunteers from the AIDS Assistance Fund discovered that people with AIDS were dying fom complications of malnutrition long before their immune systems were overcome by AIDS-related infections. Many were low-income and too ill, isolated or emotionally devastated to help themselves. Mama's Kitchen was established as a San Diego nonprofit organization to offer nutritional support by way of a home meal delivery service. Since then Mama's Kitchen has prepated and delivered three nourishing meals a day, every day of the year, to the men, women and children affected by HIV/AIDS in San Diego County.

The Children's Nutritional Health Program was created when we discovered that parents with AIDS were sharing their meals from Mama's Kitchen with their children. Because these parents were too sick to cook meals for their families, they were deprived of the badly-needed nutrition to help fight their illness, and their children were being malnourished.

In 2009 we supplied over 43,000 meals to 75 children who needed and deserved our helping hand, including 43 children ages 13 and under. Mama's Pantry opened its doors in February of 2004 to clients who don't need home meals deliveries, but can benefit from an occasional bag of groceries to help maintain their health and stretch their food budgets. Once a month clients can visit Mama's Pantry and select their own non-perishable items such as cereals, pastas and canned goods from a wide inventory.
In February 2006 Mama's Kitchen took a big step by expanding its services to people with other critical illnesses. Called the Critical Illness Nutrition Program, this expansion makes home-delivered meals available to people under age 60 who are living with cancer that make food preparation a challenge.

Since our first day of operations, we have never turned away anyone qualified for our servies and we are determined that we never will. Mama's Kitchen, Inc. is a San Diego nonprofit, tax exempt 501c3 charity organization.

Infinite's 2013 Plan of engagement with Mama's Kitchen

Infinite will provide Mama's Kitchen with financial support, food donations and volunteer services for food drives and food deliveries throughout the year. We believe that feeding the hungry is the most fundamental work people can provide and we are honored to provide assistance to this amazing organization.

To learn more about Mama's Kitchen, please visit www.mamaskitchen.org