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Baby/ 36

BABY/36 is the original System/36 migration tool for Windows. BABY/36 automatically migrates applications to Windows without rewriting.

  • BABY/36 recompiles and deploys System/36 RPG applications to Windows
  • BABY/36 includes a GUI tool for existing green screens
  • BABY/36 includes System/36 utilities and editors so that existing users don't need to be retrained

Infinite/ 36

INFINITE 36 suite provides a suite of compilers and an operating environment so that flat file RPG and COBOL applications can migrate and execute on Windows, Unix or Linux. Once the code has been moved to open systems, Infinite provides database capabilities for externally defined data files.

  • New COBOL subroutines.
  • Extended print management.
  • Infinite 36 is fully compatible with Infinite Cloud.

Product Family

  • Baby/36

    Baby/36 migrates System/36 RPG II to Windows more »

  • Infinite/36

    Infinite 36 migrates System/36 RPG and COBOL to Windows, Unix or Linux more »

White Papers
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Press Releases
  • Dic.


    Infinite is Awarded RPG migration contract for US Department of Interior

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  • Nov.


    Infinite Completes COBOL Migration to Linux With no Rewriting

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